Darius Foroux is a critically acclaimed author. Some of his bestsellers include What It Takes To Be Free. He also runs a blog, which attracts readers in excess of 500K every month. Since 2015, Foroux has been sharing ideas on how to become healthier and smarter. His work and ideas have featured in several publications. Foroux has also published over four hundred articles.

He also hosts a podcast, where he answers the questions he gets from his audience. In addition, he even interviews other entrepreneurs and writers.


In Do It Today, Darius Foroux has explained the complete process to overcome procrastination. He has divided the book into three parts. Part one stresses upon the importance of shifting from a passive state to an active one. Here, the author shares his own personal experiences of beating procrastination. He also talks about how one can improve their focus and avoid unproductive habits. The second part is all about how to use our time more effectively. This part sees the author demonstrate how technology can become a major distraction. However, the highlight of this section are the essential productivity tips that Foroux has shared with his readers. Finally, in part three, the author mentions how one can stay on the right path, urging the readers to be consistently productive. Among other things, working from our place of comfort is one way to achieve this.


One of the unique aspects of Do It Today is that Foroux never thrusts any random productivity tips and tricks upon his readers. He rather shows us what worked for him, and how. It gives readers the freedom to choose and decide for themselves. This approach is in stark contrast to writers who start by giving tips on how to create a perfect morning routine. Instead, Foroux simply highlights how a good morning routine can give us a head start over others.

Another standout feature of Do It Today is Foroux’s fresh take on the concept of comfort zones. He drives home the importance of starting out within the boundaries of our comfort zone before slowly pushing them.


Almost all the examples in the book are from the author’s life. This makes the book a little too personal for the readers’ liking. The author could have instead focused on citing instances from different walks of life, for this would have helped him reach out to and connect with a much larger audience.


Can you imagine? You’re on your deathbed, and you’re saying this to your family: “I’m glad I watched so many FAIL compilations on YouTube.” Nope. You’ll probably look back and reflect on the time you spent with your family or friends. Or the memories you made when you were traveling. Or how much you enjoyed your work.

Modern day life almost forces you to identify yourself with work. But you are not your job. You are your family, friends, hobbies, passion, and then finally, you also have a job. And yes, work is important. But so are the other things.


Ameya Score:

Do It Today is one of the most unique reads in the self-help genre. It is an essential guide for anyone and everyone who wishes to be more productive in their life. The book is more about altering our thought process than following some random hacks. The author also eggs his readers on to constantly read and improve their knowledge through books.

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