It is a well-documented fact that books can impact our lives, influence our behavior, and make us feel better on our somber days.

Hi, everyone! This is Karan Singh from Ludhiana and this is the story of the role books have played in my life. Well, books are life for me. No matter how down I feel, I find books as refreshing as a cup of coffee. However, this was not always the case; I was not a born reader. In fact, books actually felt (and worked) like sleeping pills back in my college days.

It was only when things got really gloomy for me as one effort after another to find a job ended in utter failure, that I turned to books for solace and motivation. Initially, I read random books, more out of a desire to distract myself than to learn anything and take charge of my destiny. Well, as outrageous as it might sound, the first book I read was a novel authored by the infamous judge of MTV Roadies, Raghu! That was the book that made me a reader.

Luckily, I realized just how important books were before I began my professional life. And once I started reading books on the subjects that actually interested me, there was no looking back. The books I read not only made me a more knowledgeable person, but also shaped my ideological leanings. They refined my thought process, helping me figure out just how magical words could get. And trust me, it felt great.

Another fantastic thing about books is how they never desert you, even when people do. That is why I have come to believe that time spent reading is never wasted.

However, the best thing about books is the dramatic change (and improvement) they can bring about in us. A lesson that an author may have spent his entire life to learn is readily available to their readers. After all, you can avoid the mistakes of your favorite characters by knowing beforehand how costly they might be.

That said, I would highly recommend everyone to read books of the genres they are interested in. If a genre does not excite you, simply switch to another one. Remember, not all books are made for everyone; it is perfectly okay to dislike some. What we learn from a book also depends on the person we are, so it is important to read books that can actually help us become better versions of ourselves.

My final advice? Well, read and read a lot to improve both your vocabulary and yourself.


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