Work, overall, is about getting things done, and the heart does not normally figure in it. But in my many years of work, I have seen that the heart has a huge influence on what happens to us, what happens around us and what propels us to action.

More often than not, people look at career as all about setting targets and pursuing them tirelessly. In this pursuit, people sometimes don’t mind taking shortcuts and stepping on others’ toes to move up. However, those walking along this path often disregard the life values one must uphold at work. After all, it is these very values that describe a leader: humility, an ability to listen to and empathize with others, an emotional connect with your co-workers, and the focus on building a culture that goes far beyond a single-minded pursuit of targets and revenue.

In The Heart of Work, SV Nathan takes us through the length and breadth of his long and illustrious career, one that has been the epitome of work, success, and happiness. Nathan captures pivotal moments that left a deep imprint on him at various junctures in life. These insights, narrated with authenticity and backed by experience, can be a great learning opportunity for young readers. Arguably the best thing about The Heart of Work is Nathan’s non-preachy, jargon-less style. The stories will help readers fulfill their true potential by showing them their own anchors.

Genre: Self-Help

Price: ₹499 ₹410

Format: Paperback

Published: December 2022

Number of Pages: 292

Language: English

SV Nathan, author of The Heart of Work
Author: SV Nathan
Publisher: HarperBusiness
ISBN-13: 978-9356294295