Tiago Forte was born and raised in Southern California. He grew up in a mixed Filipino and Brazilian household.

Forte is the founder of Forte Labs and a productivity expert. He taught thousands of people how technology can revolutionize lives. The New York Times and the Harvard Business Review have featured his works.


In this digital era, people are constantly bombarded with information everywhere. People keep scrolling their never-ending Instagram and Facebook feed. In Building a Second Brain, Tiago Forte has explained the importance of having a second brain. He has described the second brain as our personal assistant; it is a system that contains the necessary information for our life.

Forte has referred to it as a second brain because it stores essential information and allows our brain to concentrate on the issues at hand. He has divided the book into three parts. The introductory part delves into what a second brain means and how it functions. The second part educates us on how to take only the essential data from the bulk data available to us. The final essay elucidates how we can make things happen with the help of the system thus created.


For everyone who has a hard time organizing information according to their needs, Building a Second Brain is the go-to book. Forte sets forth a step-by-step procedure for everyone to capture, organize and process information in an effective way. The overall process is rather simple and easy to follow. This procedure is flexible enough to be fine-tuned to everyone’s life. The flow in particular is fairly smooth and is devoid of any contradictory suggestions. An optimal amount of real-life examples at the right places make for a very seamless reading.

The book is extremely detail-oriented. This can be gauged from the fact that Tiago even mentions the importance of choosing the right note-taking app and the stages where people tend to falter.


Some of the points put forward in the book may not be very easy to grasp. For example, the author’s ideas on always being aware while taking in knowledge isn’t something that comes naturally to most people.

Besides, patience isn’t a particularly common virtue among readers. Unfortunately with Building a Second Brain, the book takes a while to get started. This might cause some readers to give up on the book altogether.

While the book accommodates all walks of life, student life could have been discussed in further detail. This could have been of immense help to students all over the world.


Your Second Brain isn’t just a tool – it’s an environment. It is a garden of knowledge full of familiar, winding pathways, but also secret and secluded corners.

Your second brain evolves as constantly as your projects and goals change, which means you never have to worry about getting it perfect or having it finished.

The human mind is like a sizzling-hot frying pan of associations – throw a handful of seeds in there and they’ll explode into new ideas like popcorn.


Ameya Score:

Building a Second Brain is the ideal manual for people who are easily overwhelmed with stuff. It is a practical guide for building a second brain. The modern data management solutions offered in the book make it a must-read for anyone looking to regain control of their life.

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