Nothing is stronger than a small hope that doesn’t give up.

Matt Haig’s The Comfort Book is one such collection of small islands of hope. It offers us stories that give us an all-new outlook on life as well as on ourselves. The book is an exquisite blend of philosophy, meditation and self-reflection. It builds on humanity’s age-old wisdom derived from some of the greatest philosophers to have walked the planet.

While an undeniable read for all ages and occasions, The Comfort Book is particularly suited for when one is looking for some words of wisdom, a comforting hug or even a reminder that hope often comes from the most unexpected places and people.

Genre: Self-Help for Anxiety

Price: β‚Ή699 β‚Ή545

Format: Hardcover

Published: July 2021

Number of Pages: 272

Language: English

Matt Haig, author of The Comfort Book

Author: Matt Haig

Publisher: β€Ž Canongate Books

ISBN-13: 978-1786898296