‘How many were killed in the attack today?’ asked Fursa, the senior sheep. He was surveying the bloodstained East African grassland where the lions had gone on a rampage, now scattered with the shattered bones of his friends and families. Despair hung thick in the air.’

Welcome to the jungle, where the survival of the fittest is the ultimate truth. The weaker animals are meant to be devoured by the predators in what we know as the food chain. However, not a lot has gone according to the rules set forth by Mother Nature. Mass murder has been the new normal, with animals being slaughtered more for fun than out of nutritional necessities.

In the Mau Forest in East Africa, the mighty lion king Kaizaar’s despotic rule has caused chaos in the otherwise peaceful jungle. Kaizaar, however, is not unaccompanied in his tyrannical display of authority. The longest-serving ruler of the pride has a shrewd minister in Shaka, the former leader of lambs. Shaka sold out his flock for the stronger lions. With all their secrets now known to a ruthless enemy, the lambs are practically left with nowhere to hide.

How do the poor lambs put an end to the carnage and find a refuge? Will they succeed in restoring normalcy in the jungle? Can a bunch of fearful lambs learn to roar? And even if they do, can the roaring lambs stand up to the authoritarian ways of Kaizaar and his subjects?

True to its title, The Roaring Lambs: A Fable about Finding the Leader in You is a unique tale about cultivating leadership qualities in oneself. The survival strategies for the jungle can also prove their worth in the current corporate scenario. The self-help book is not only a treatise on carving a leader out of yourself, but also finding some motivation to work your way out of a tight corner.

Genre: Motivation & Leadership

Price: β‚Ή250 β‚Ή188

Format: Paperback

Published: March 2021

Number of Pages: 186

Language: English

Sreedhar Bevara, author of the motivational book The Roaring Lambs: A Fable about Finding the Leader in You

Author: Sreedhar Bevara

Publisher: HarperCollins India

ISBN-13: 978-9354223037