She waited in the corners

As people came and went

The winds howled faraway

And birds roared above

But she only had four walls to stay


To have given up her freedom

To only be called a beauty

O’ what a silly bargain had it been

One she had known all along

One they think she hadn’t seen

She stood stoic as people admired her

But their attraction flickered

As soon as another one took her side

She felt angry and humiliated

Rage swelled up inside her like a tide


Why didn’t she smile? What sorrows did she have?

She heard people joke and comment

She had to see on her own

What joys did they have and

What fruits had they sown?


So, one fine day she climbed out

To see what the world looked like

She had a picture in mind

But, hatred, sorrow and jealousy

Was all that she could find


She climbed back into her portrait

And felt safe in the cocoon

She thought for a while

And she made up her mind

Mona Lisa had now learned to smile

…now that you’re here

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Anagha Aglawe, English poetry writer at Ameya

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