My love affair with books began when I was twelve. At an age when all my friends would go out to play, I would spend hours in my school’s library, engrossed in one book or the other. I still remember my mother telling me a fable every night to get me to sleep. It felt really surreal how every tale could transport me to the enchanting world of dreams.

I was really happy when my father got me a pile of books as a birthday present. Even so, I was surprised that I had been treated to such magnificent collection of books on my birthday. After all, I had never imagined I would own a book other than my textbooks! It felt like the most unexpected thing to have ever happened to me… well, so it felt at the time at least.

The next day, I unwrapped those books and started reading from the top. The first book was Tim Green’s Left Out. Now, I will be honest here – the book felt really boring in the beginning. However, much to my relief, it kept getting interesting with every page. It was the story of a school boy and his love for football. After reading the story, I realized that nothing is impossible. If a disabled boy could overcome all challenges to live his dream of becoming a footballer, why couldn’t I pursue mine? The story really motivated me, and that came as a big surprise. Not only had I read a book to the end, but had also taken inspiration from it. Little did I know that it was just the starting point of a long, proud reading habit.

At the age of 14, I was shocked when I heard about Antonio Di Marco Magliabechi. It still beats me how a man could read an astonishing 40,000 books in a lifetime! The only way to find out was to try and follow in his footsteps.

All in all, reading has made me a more articulate speaker, while improving my knowledge and vocabulary to no end. The truth is that I have not read a lot of books – not yet – but I think I have read just about enough to recommend a good read to a non-reader.


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