Even as a child, Sambhaji knew that he needed to fend for himself. His mother passed away when he was hardly two. His father, the great Shivaji, was always busy chasing his dream of ‘Swaraj’ (or self-governance) and keeping the vicious Mughal emperor Aurangzeb at bay.

Sambhaji is the eldest son of Shivaji. He has all the makings of a worthy statesman and king. However, Shivaji’s other queen, Soyrabai, has other ideas. She is determined to see her own son Rajaram become the king. Together with several ministers, she plots to get young Sambhaji out of the way.

Shivaji dies an untimely death on April 3, 1680, and it is finally time for Sambhaji to take up the reins. The biggest of his challenges is Aurangzeb, who has spent the last twenty years trying in vain to smoke out Sambhaji’s father, whom he derisively referred to as a ‘mountain rat‘. Aurangzeb is willing to do anything it takes to wrest control of the Deccan from the mighty Marathas. As if Shivaji’s demise was not a blow big enough for the Marathas, Aurangzeb has now found an able ally in Shivaji’s own brother-in-law.

Sambhaji is a touching depiction of one of the most misunderstood and misrepresented bravehearts of India. Having sold over 100,000 copies in Marathi, this is a meticulously researched work about one man’s struggle to uphold his father’s legacy and the price he pays for the sake of his motherland.

Genre: Biographies & Autobiographies

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Format: Paperback

Published: February 2021

Number of Pages: 538

Language: English

Vishwas Patil, author of the critically acclaimed novel Sambhaji

Author: Vishwas Patil

Publisher: Eka

ISBN-13: 978-9389152579