The rain pattered down as the students flocked to the gates.

They were at a school, unknown to friends and mates.

Some were ordinary, some were gifted.

They stood on the stairs as their gazes nervously shifted.

Amongst them was a ‘pure-blood’ scornful kid.

The smugness on his face spoke more than he did.

Vengeful generations had sown bitterness in his heart.

He excelled at bigotry, and for him being mean was an art.


He sat upon the stool, all mighty and proud.

He was to be sent in the serpent’s den without a shred of doubt.

His loyal sidekicks were eagerly awaiting the result.

They worshiped him, and he was their cult.


So imagine the horror when he was

sent to the house of the Badger

The old and battered hat had made a mistake.

He would hit it with a bludger.


He shrieked and hissed, but the hat wouldn’t listen.

He bit back his tears, but his eyes had begun to glisten.

He threatened using his father’s name.

The old headmaster wasn’t pleased to hear an excuse so lame.


Defeated and dejected, he went to the badgers’ group.

Sulking and angry, he stomped toward the eager troop.

He saw his cronies from the other side.

Forget him as a new member walked in stride.


Meanwhile, a timid-looking boy welcomed him into the gang.

The others soon followed; his heartbeat was loud as a bang.

No one had been so happy to accept him.

And the hatred in his heart began to dim.


The tears subsided and were replaced with a smile.

He hadn’t been embraced so lovingly in a while.

All around, he saw eager faces asking him about his family and dad.

The prospect of being a badger suddenly didn’t seem so bad.

…now that you’re here

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