One warm evening, the Sun, Moon, and Wind joined their uncle and aunt, the Thunder and Lightning, to enjoy the dinner served at a feast. Their mother, the Bright Star, did not accompany them to the dinner, preferring to stay at home instead.

Impressed with the lavish dinner served at the feast, the Sun and Wind ate to their hearts’ content. So engrossed they were in eating that it did not even occur to them that their mother was waiting at home. The Moon, however, did remember her. That is why she set aside and saved under her beautiful, long fingernails a small portion of all the scrumptious dishes served at the feast.

When they all returned home, the mother wanted to know what they had brought for her.

The Sun replied casually, “I enjoyed the dinner with my friends. I forgot to bring something for you.”

The Wind answered indifferently, “I just went to enjoy myself. I hardly remembered to fetch something for you.”

However, the Moon responded warmly, “Mother, let me show you what I’ve brought for you.” The Moon then showed her mother all the delicious dishes she had brought home for her.

Their mother, the Star, uttered the following words to show her displeasure at the Sun and Wind:

“You didn’t remember your mother, who was waiting for you at home. Your rays will ever be hot and burn everything they touch. People will hate you; they will cover their heads when you shine bright in the sky,” she frowned at the Sun.

Turning to the Wind, she said, “You forgot your mother. In the hot, dry weather, you’ll blow hard and dehydrate all living beings. People will hate you and stay away from you.”

The Star then turned to her daughter, the Moon, and said affectionately, “You remembered to bring a share of whatever you ate at the feast. I wish you’ll always be calm, cool, and bright in the night sky. Your rays will do nobody any harm, and your presence will always make people feel blessed.”

The Moon was overjoyed with these cool blessings, while the Sun and Wind were left regretting their mistake.

The blessings from her mother made the Moon’s rays cool, gentle and soothing, and so it has remained to date. The Sun, however, shines ever so hot during the day. On the other hand, the Wind blows hot during the dry weather, making people feel exhausted and tired throughout the day.

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Folk tale adopted and abridged from fairytalez.