Prithviraj Chauhan was always meant to taste glory and go down in history as one of the greatest rulers of India. Over the course of an extraordinary life, he transcended the limits that mortal beings are subject to. He would go on to achieve a Godlike status for the generations to come, inspiring many a folklore. He dreamed of uniting the land that was split into several small, feeble kingdoms, so that love and peace would prevail over hate and war.

Having heard about Chauhan’s heroic deeds, Jaichand’s daughter, Princess Samyukta loved him from afar. Defying the wrath of her overambitious father, Prithviraj Chauhan dared to elope with his ladylove. Having never lost a war, the valiant king was to discover that success often came at a price. How did he manage to escape with Samyukta from under Jaichand’s nose? How did his relationship with her affect his role as a king? What did Jaichand do to bring down his bitter foe? How did Chauhan manage to keep the wicked Muhammad of Ghor at bay during his early invasions? And what led to the legendary ruler’s eventual downfall and execution? These are some of the questions Prithviraj Chauhan: The Emperor of Hearts seeks to answer.

Genre: Historical Fiction

Price: β‚Ή399 β‚Ή250

Format: Paperback

Published: November 2017

Number of Pages: 288

Language: English

Anuja Chandramouli, author of Prithviraj Chauhan: The Emperor of Hearts

Author: Anuja Chandramouli

Publisher: Penguin Press

ISBN-13: 978-0143441199