I always had a thing for academic books. Over time, I also began reading romance novels, making fiction a part of my reading routine. This was a paradigm shift in my viewpoint, for I used to believe that only theoretical books had the potential to shape our thoughts and personality. Reading romantic and inspirational books, however, had brought about a beautiful change in my life. And that change is what I am going to talk about in this story. But before that, I would like to express my admiration for Durjoy Datta. I feel that he is one of the best romance writers in the country. The way he redefines friendships and love stories is fascinating to say the least.

In my case, I became a diehard fan of his as soon as I was done reading Till the Last Breath… In fact, this was the novel that kick-started my love affair with fiction.

Coming back to my story, I began blogging as college life beckoned. I had always found blogging an interesting endeavor and felt that I was good at it. Moreover, reading had both inspired me to write and given me a lot of confidence with my command of vocabulary.

In fact, I have even co-authored an anthology. This was a big deal for someone who had always admired bestselling authors and had wanted to follow in their footsteps. My book is titled But I love: Being a Girl. It is available on Amazon and has been doing well. It was undoubtedly the most fulfilling venture of my life, and I completely owe it to my reading habits.

Vaishali Ardhana became an avid fiction reader after stumbling upon a Durjoy Datta novel

Another reason why books are my best friends is because instead of asking you any questions, they force you to question yourself and the things around you. They do not judge you; all they do is help you understand yourself.

Like I mentioned above, motivational books also constitute an important part of my to-read list. I recently finished reading Michelle Obama’s Becoming, which has made me a lot more productive and confident than my past self. That said, I am Malala still remains my all-time favorite autobiography. The book inspired me like none other. I still remember being completely engrossed in the book as it chronicled the struggles of Malala.

As a person, I have become a lot more positive and optimistic ever since I became a regular reader. Romantic novels teach me the importance of expressing my love and appreciation for the people around me. They underline the significance of personal relations in these increasingly impersonal times. On the other hand, motivational reads help me tackle my proclivity for procrastinating things, and become a better version of myself. All in all, reading can help us bring out the best in ourselves. Good books inculcate in us the virtue of patience, and teach us how we can adore and appreciate the small things in life.


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