Omendra Ratnu’s Maharanas: A Thousand Year War for Dharma isn’t just a retelling of India’s distorted history, but a book that is bound to attain a scripture-like importance in the years to come. Aimed at destroying the web of lies woven around the glorious Hindu resistance to wave after wave of brutal Islamic invasions, the book is a must-read for people who have grown sick of fake stories glorifying some of the most barbaric rulers in the history of this planet.

Maharanas mostly focuses on one of the greatest dynasties in the world: the Sisodiyas of Mewad. Having engaged in a non-stop war against the invaders for a thousand years, Maharanas highlights all the hardships they suffered. These were rulers that chose to embrace death instead of surrendering even when the enemy stood at their doorstep. They led nomadic lives, but never gave up on the sacred cause of dharma. It was this dynasty whose Kesaria still flies high on the pious land of Bharat. Understandably, the protagonist is one of the greatest and most valiant rulers India has ever seen: Maharana Pratap.

The corroborated anecdotes and accounts provided throughout the book will arouse the sleeping kshatriya in every Hindu. They are a reminder that honor and pride do not define the man; they are the man.

Genre: History

Price: β‚Ή500 β‚Ή309

Format: Paperback

Published: April 2022

Number of Pages: 400

Language: English

Dr. Omendra Ratnu, author of Maharanas

Author: Dr. Omendra Ratnu

Publisher: Prabhat Prakashan Pvt. Ltd.

ISBN-13: 978-9355211644