Aadya experienced love at first sight with a good-looking stranger, whom she helped board a moving train. Aadya is a quiet, modest girl who is now madly in love with him. The two see each other every day on the Metro, though she is never quite able to bring herself to talk to him or even ask his name. To her, he remains a handsome stranger, whom she admires every day from a distance without actually ever having talked to him.

In another case of love at first sight, Navya fell for her mentor at work. Several months of coaching only served to make her feelings stronger. Despite her bubbly, outgoing personality – unlike her younger sister Aadya’s – she, too, finds it hard to openly confess her feelings. Navya is, in fact, somewhat unsure of her feelings, for the guy is an introvert who struggles talking to people, especially pretty girls like her. His aloofness gives her the impression that her feelings are unrequited.

Will the two sisters, who adore and love each other to bits, be able to find their happily ever after? Will the guys ever reciprocate their love, or are the two girls destined for one-sided love stories? Ruchi Chandra Verma’s Love in a Metro answers these and many other questions.

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Price: β‚Ή99

Format: eBook

Published: May 2023

Number of Pages: 127

Language: English

Love in a Metro by Ruchi Chandra Verma

Author: Ruchi Chandra Verma

Publisher: Self-Published