Vivaan Rajshekhar’s first meeting with the conceited Dr. Ira Deshmukh is like a fantastic figment of his imagination. To his annoyance, he discovers that Ira has agreed to marry another man. Being the proverbial, successful, commitment-phobic bachelor, Vivaan views marriage as a foolhardy jump off a cliff.

For her part, Ira does feel attracted to Vivaan. However, her determination to marry the man her father has chosen for her, for reasons she cannot reveal, forces her to keep her distance from him. When she agrees to work at Vivaan’s charity hospital in a remote village, she doesn’t expect her decision to turn her life upside down.

When Vivaan realizes that Ira’s betrothal is actually part of a business deal, he decides to put all his wily tactics of persuasion into practice. He does everything in his power to convince her to ditch her overbearing fiancΓ©. His attempts at seduction end up disarming Ira. However, Ira is far from easy game. She blatantly refuses to date Vivaan, even when she is helplessly drawn to his charismatic personality.

This tug of war draws tangles them in a bond of sterling friendship, unbending restrictions, ridiculous banter, and unrequited passion.

All of this changes when Vivaan finally learns the truth behind Ira’s unyielding resistance. Can he figure out a way to break the deadlock? Or will Vivaan simply to have let Ira go and move on? That is what Leena Varghese’s Nothing Serious is all about.

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Price: β‚Ή199

Format: eBook

Published: March 2022

Number of Pages: 223

Language: English

Leena Varghese, author of Nothing Serious

Author: Leena Varghese

Publisher: Luminosa