Deep in the meadows

In the trees of silk

There was a little cottage

Facing the clouds of milk.


In that very cottage lay

A pretty little girl

Deep in her delicious slumber

Tossed in her rosy curls.


Tossed in her curls

She waits for her prince to come

To embellish her beauty

And bless her for the years to come.


An there in the moonlight

She lay blissfully asleep

Tossed in her curls

She beholds her prince in her dreams.


And there in the faded cottage

From night to morn

Tossed in her curls

Is a fairy tale yet to be born.

Pravin Kumar writer at Ameya

An ardent believer in that a good poem isn’t one that comes from, but through you, Pravin enjoys writing short but meaningful poetry. Write to him at to know more about him.