Be a Stock Market Millionaire is a practical guidebook by Neeraj Joshi, a self-made millionaire and popular YouTuber. Based on Joshi’s own journey from a regular college student to a millionaire, the book tracks an entire path from modest earnings and savings to strategic investing, revealing just how you can replicate his success. One of the key tools you will learn along the way is Fundamental Analysis. Joshi explains this important process in simple terms, highlighting the details you need to pay attention to when picking the stocks to invest in.

That said, this book is a lot more than theories and strategies. The author also answers the common questions that keep most people from investing in stocks. With his straightforward, friendly style, the author presents a refreshing, fun take on the stock market. All in all, Be a Stock Market Millionaire is the go-to book for every aspiring millionaire. The book is a friendly guide for your exciting journey into the world of investing.

Genre: Entrepreneurship

Price: ₹299 ₹215

Format: Paperback

Published: July 2023

Number of Pages: 175

Language: English

Neeraj Joshi, author of Be a Stock Market Millionaire

Author: Neeraj Joshi

Publisher: Invincible Publication Pvt. Ltd.

ISBN-13: 978-9358860023