Eternal Echoes is a collection of poems penned down by Sadhguru over a period of nearly three decades, from 1994 to 2021. Covering every single aspect of Sadhguru’s illustrious life, the poems are about wide-ranging issues like nature, experiences, human nature, and the author’s musings on life. The poems, which come across as rather simplistic initially, have several layers of profound knowledge.

While a must-read for the followers of Sadhguru, Eternal Echoes is a book we highly recommend to everyone interested in poetry, self-growth, and life in general.

Genre: Poetry

Price: β‚Ή599 β‚Ή450

Format: Hardcover

Published: September 2021

Number of Pages: 588

Language: English

Eternal Echoes a collection of the poems penned down by Hindu mystic Sadhguru

Author: Sadhguru

Publisher: Penguin Ananda

ISBN-13: 978-0670096466