The sun came up as always bright and shining

The sleepyheads got up grumbling and yawning

“Why do you have to come up? Why don’t you just lurk?”

Complained the grown-ups who had to rush to work


“Why won’t you hide behind the clouds, you fool?”

Shouted the kids who didn’t want to go to school

The sun felt dejected and gloomy

“I bring light and erase darkness, yet nobody wants me!”


The moon that came up later saw the sun worry

Glad that the day was over, the humans began to hurry

She had been watching everything from behind the clouds

And she told him that things aren’t as bad as they sound


Unsatisfied, the next day he cranked up the heat

The sunny weather turned into a demon cauldron’s pit

The crops withered and the rivers began to dry

The parents began to wail and the students began to cry


All this while, a little fox had been freezing in the snow

And had been caught up in the trees with nowhere to go

Suddenly she saw the ice around her melt

Thankful to the sun, she darted toward her den


Her little cubs had been starved and afraid

Seeing their mother, their day was made

The little family reunited and thanked the sun again

And his wrath seemed to lose its flare


There would be naysayers and you would be looked down

But you can either let their words make you frown

Or decide to ignore the thorns and give your best

You do what you and forget about the rest

…now that you’re here

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Anagha Aglawe, English poetry writer at Ameya

As a professional writer, Anagha thoroughly relishes the challenges involved in writing heart-warming poetry. To know more about her, feel free to contact her over her Upwork profile here.