The 7th century CE marked a time of great religious revival for Bharat. The country was undergoing radical political, ideological and social changes. Sanatana Dharma was trying to reassert itself with the start of the Bhakti movement in the South.

Battle of Vathapi: Nandi’s Charge is the first book in the Battle of Vathapi series. Author Arun Krishnan gives a detailed account of the Pallavas’ preparations for a forthcoming campaign against Pulikeshi and the Chalukyas. These preparations are borne out of a promise made by the young king, Narasimhavarman, to this father. Will this young lion keep his word?

Genre: Historical Fiction

Price: 499 429

Format: Paperback

Published: December 2021

Number of Pages: 507

Language: English

Arun Krishnan, author of Battle of Vathapi: Nandi's Charge

Author: Arun Krishnan

Publisher: Garuda Prakashan Pvt. Ltd.

ISBN-13: 978-1942426929