Would you believe me, if I told you about the dancing stars,

Would you help me fill them in my empty jars,

I want no riches or wealth; all I want is your trust,

I have never been in love, so would you be my first?


Would you be the air, to fill in my suffocated heart,

Would you be by my side, till death do us apart,

The scars and hurt do fade away with time,

But would you hug me and say, ‘You’re mine.’


Would you take me in, if I have nowhere to go

Would you tell me it’s okay, to let the pain show

As unspoken stories leave traces of my tears

Would you share with me your deepest fears?


Would you hold my hand, if I stumble or fail

Would you knit together broken pieces of my tale

I have been a loner for a long time

Would you be my light, my sunshine?


Would you dull the ache, and hold me tight

Would you mend the hurt, and stop the tide

As my skin slowly withers and wrinkles,

Would you still smile at me and make my eyes crinkle?


Would you teach me to smile, to let it all go

Would you laugh with me, at my silly jokes

One lifetime seems too limited to me

Would you meet me beyond the wheel?

…now that you’re here

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Anagha Aglawe, English poetry writer at Ameya

As a professional writer, Anagha thoroughly relishes the challenges involved in writing heart-warming poetry. To know more about her, feel free to contact her over her Upwork profile here.