When he turns, I see his eyes. There’s a sense of surety in them, a sense of danger, a sense of entitlement and definitely, arrogance.

Daksh and Aanchal meet under unlikely circumstances in the most improbable of places – a posh resort in the Andamans. While Aanchal is striving to free herself from the shackles of lower middle-class existence, Daksh is clueless about his future. As fate would have it, these opposites are attracted to each other.

My gaze drifts to her exposed back, and the tiny knot that secures her shimmering choli in place. Emotions of anger mix with a strange desire in me.

Four years later, when they meet again, Daksh’s world has fallen apart. The burden of caring for his sick father and six-year-old sister has left him with little time for anything else. Yet, despite their diverging paths, Daksh and Aanchal find themselves reconnecting in unexpected ways. Their mutual attraction deepens.

More than anything else, it is fate that has been bringing them together all this while. What will happen when they decide to take matters into their own hands? Will life be as they have imagined, or are they meant to be a star-crossed couple? Read Durjoy Datta’s World’s Best Girlfriend to find the answers to these questions and a lot more.

Genre: Contemporary Fiction

Price: ₹169

Format: Paperback

Published: September 2023

Number of Pages: 288

Language: English

Durjoy Datta, author of World's Best Girlfriend

Author: Durjoy Datta

Publisher: Penguin Metro Reads

ISBN-13: 978-0143448365