Sanchit Garg is an Indian writer and an IIT Delhi alumnus. Aside from a novelist, Garg is also an artist, content creator and motivational speaker. He mostly writes horror and romance novels, though he has authored a few children’s books as well.

Garg has also co-authored several books with Prachi Gupta. Some of his best works include Right From The Start… She Stole His Heart, Can’t Help Falling in Love and Dastoor-e-Mohabbat.


Whispers of Hate is a story set in 1972. Rameshwar’s idyllic existence with his family in a remote village is disturbed by the onset of many mysterious events. The villagers have started dying or going missing of late. Rameshwar urges his father to leave their ancestral house to the nearby town, just like his uncle had done. However, his father is adamant and refuses. Meanwhile, Rameshwar starts having strange dreams that begin to affect his mental balance. A chance visit to an abandoned house only exacerbates his situation.

It ultimately takes a tragedy for his father to reconsider his decision. They move to a nearby town, where Rameshwar’s uncle and sister are living. However, his nightmares and visions continue to torment him. His relationship with his wife, Nandana, also deteriorates.

An excerpt from Whispers of Hate

Only his mother is aware of this situation and stands by him. Rameshwar is sure that something awful had been going in their ancestral house and that his interference had resulted in him being haunted. He begins looking into the matter while also seeking help from others. However, each passing day only adds to Rameshwar’s pain as he suffers one loss after another.


Whispers of Hate is a good mix of the horror, thriller, suspense and romance genres. A detailed timeline of the series of events only goes to show the amount of thought the author put into this story. Innovative chapter names further enrich the readers’ experience.

All characters have a remarkable depth to their persona, especially those of Rameshwar, his mother, and his wife. The story also has its fair share of both gut-wrenching and sweet moments.

The book is written in plain English, which makes for a really smooth read.


This isn’t a really scary story. Despite the obvious element of suspense, the book isn’t the spine-chiller its cover may suggest. In fact, there are times when the story simply drags on.

The author released a sequel to this book, titled Intertwined by Fate. Unfortunately, too many questions were left unanswered once again.


What was I thinking? Who’s going to be here in this forsaken house at this hour? Maybe, I’m just a little bit afraid, and it’s a product of my mind. I have never been so scared before.

Am I going insane? Maybe, I am doing all these things.


Ameya Score:

If you are into cliffhangers that keep you hooked to the very end, then this is not the right book for you.Β Whispers of HateΒ is rather meant for those who would relish a light, one-time read.

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