The period between 2013 and 2016 saw Tim Urban become one of the world’s most well-known bloggers. Urban wrote dozens of viral, long-form articles about everything ranging from AI to colonizing Mars. He then turned his attention to a new, more pressing issue: the society we live in. He wondered why everything was such a mess, and why grown-ups were acting like infants. This human behavior baffled him.

It was this newfound curiosity that sent Tim tumbling down his deepest rabbit hole yet. He studied mountains of history, evolutionary psychology, political theory, neuroscience, and modern-day politics, all in his quest to decode the million-dollar question: What’s our problem?

Six years later, Urban emerged from the hole holding this book. What’s Our Problem? is a deep, expansive analysis of our modern times. Packed with original concepts, sticky metaphors and over three hundred illustrations, the book provides an entirely new perspective on the complex world we inhabit. Instead of focusing on the left-center-right horizontal political axis, which is all about what we think, What’s Our Problem? introduces a vertical axis that delves into how we think, both as individual and as groups.

From the creator of the wildly popular blog Wait But Why, What’s Our Problem? is a fascinating deep dive into the mind-boggling events that keep unfolding in these unprecedented times.

Genre: Society & Culture

Price: β‚Ή399 β‚Ή247.80

Format: eBook

Published: February 2023

Number of Pages: 746

Language: English

Tim Urban, author of What's Our Problem

Author: Tim Urban

Publisher: Wait But Why