Have you ever smelled a new book? If you are a normal person, you probably haven’t. However, to a bookworm like me, it is one of the best smells in the world.

When it comes to actually reading a book, I am invariably a slow starter. As the story begins to unfold, I’m always unsure as to whether I will find it appealing enough or not. Most of the times, I am a tad apprehensive in the beginning. Eventually, it is the fear of regretting not reading it that keeps me from putting the book down.

As the story progresses, I start building an imaginary world in my head. With every page, that realm becomes more elaborate. Every character develops a unique face and voice. My brain begins to process every single dialog of those characters in that voice. Every twist in the story evokes tumultuous emotions. Every time the protagonist experiences a high, I feel a soaring joy. Similarly, every tragic incident brings about an indescribable anguish. That’s just how I am. I live every word, every page of the story I’m reading once it manages to catch my attention.

Vishal Yadav believes that books unlock our imagination in mysterious ways

I feel every book is different. Some are meant to impart knowledge, whereas others are there to entertain you. There are yet others that can take you to a faraway land without you having to move a muscle. Through them, you can live a thousand lives in this life itself. I believe that if magic actually exists in real life, then books are our best bet to experience it. The key is to find the one genre – or even that one book – that can unlock it for you.

And the best part is that the same story plays out differently for every individual. No two people would envision a character in the exact same way. What one sees, imagines and feels only belongs to them.

I know a lot of people who would prefer watching a movie to reading a book. However, a movie tells you how the characters look. You see each scene from someone else’s viewpoint. On the other hand, a book offers you the freedom to shape every character the way you please. You get to imagine the story the way you want, without anyone else’s imagination being imposed on you. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what endears books to me.


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