Hi, everyone! This is Vinay Khatri and I’d like to share my story on how books changed my life.

A few years ago, there used to be a time when I had no interest whatsoever in reading. I would devote most of time to playing video games and surfing the Internet. Books were probably the last thing on my mind back then.

At the time, I had this math teacher. He was always talking about the importance of reading. As hardcore gamers, me and my friends would make fun of him throughout his lecture. One day, he suddenly called my name in class and started asking me questions I had no clue about. As I failed to answer any of those questions, he told me how careless I was. While I didn’t take his words too seriously, I can’t deny that they had impacted me from within.

Over time, I started reading. Initially, it all felt the same. However, the more I read, the less I began to depend on video games. I would surf the Internet, but now I was using it to look for new books to read. I would borrow books from my classmates. Actually, I didn’t just read, I tried to follow those lessons in my life.

One day, I stumbled upon this book titled Karma: A Yogi’s Guide to Crafting your Destiny by Sadhguru. Of all the books I had read up to this point, this was the hardest to put down. I ended up spending the whole day reading it! And I’m so proud I did. The author’s portrayal of karma was just surreal.

Story of Vinay Khatri on Ameya

Now, the thing with reading is, it is hard to stop once you have begun. You end up losing all interest in what is going on around you and become completely engrossed in what you are reading. You get an unbelievable clarity of thought and purpose. It is hard to explain why and how, but books definitely wield that power.

I think the biggest obstacle between us and books are our own mental roadblocks. We are quick to jump to the conclusion that books are boring. However, they are anything but. As an advice to all non-readers out there, all I’d like to say is start by reading about what you love. For example, if you are into cooking, begin by reading cookbooks. Before you know it, you will be head over heels in love with books.

That was all for my story. Thank you for reading this to the end!


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