Native of Bihar, brought up in Mumbai. I came from a very orthodox family, but my goals had never been mediocre. I always wanted to do something extraordinary in life.

Being an average student, I knew that academics were not going to lead me down the long and arduous road of success. I didn’t quite know what would, so I just waited for an opportunity, which came knocking at my door when I was 16 – I decided to join a network marketing company. Unsurprisingly, it was a massive failure for me. However, as they say, every cloud has a silver lining. This unsuccessful venture had seen me start reading books, which, in turn, fueled my motivation me to become an entrepreneur.

It didn’t take me long to call it a day in my network-marketing exploits. I wanted to pursue my entrepreneurial dream and add value to people’s lives. I had heard many a people comment that having a mentor helped them in almost every aspect of their lives. That being said, I was surrounded by people who were landing indifferent nine-to-five jobs. I knew that I did not want to do that.

That’s when I decided to start looking for answers in books, and not people. Probably the greatest takeaway from this reading habit was that I did not need a mentor to motivate me – books were doing that in more ways than one!

Of course, I was naturally inclined to read business-related books. I also ventured into reading self-help books and biographies of renowned personalities such as Barack Obama and M.K. Gandhi. I also gave spiritual books a try – they helped me imbibe a lot of values.

Four years down the line, I’m still very much into reading books. After all, they were the one that helped me embark on my very own journey as a digital marketer. Today, I even run my own website, where I teach people how even they can set up their own digital-marketing business. In my early 19’s, I even had the opportunity to author and sell a lot of e-books on affiliate marketing. All in all, I have been working on my own business, teaching thousands of people online and earning – all at the same time!

I feel that anyone facing any issues in their life – which is, everyone – must start reading books. Even in this digital age, there are so many things that books have on offer and the Internet does not. As incredulous as it might sound, you are bound to agree with it once you have started reading. Of course, it will be boring at the beginning, but then again – what isn’t?


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