I wasn’t much into reading before COVID beckoned. However, my initiation into reading was a very interesting one. I actually had nothing to do during the Lockdown, so I just started cleaning up my room. As I was tidying up my bookshelf, I came across this book titled Swami Vivekananda: A Biography. I had bought this book at a book fair to impress a friend, but could never read it.

As the pandemic wreaked havoc across the country and boredom reigned supreme at home, I began reading this book. To my sheer surprise, I was done within a day. After putting the book down, I rang up my friend and recommended the biography to him. However, he offered me several of his own novels instead, saying that I could have them as a gift.

He had a total of seven books. Premchand’s Kafan and Poos Ki Raat were especially interesting. I also recalled reading another of Premchand’s works, Do Bailon Ki Katha, at school. I started reading more of his novels and got a set of ten that turned out to be super interesting. After going through Premchand’s works, I read one of the best historical novels, War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy. I must say, the book was an absolute masterpiece.

I have watched several movies and web series, but none of them can hold a candle to a good novel. Personally, biographies are my favorite genre.

From my little experience, I can say that reading is the best thing that a person can do in their leisure hours. It is, after all, the easiest way to get more knowledgeable and creative.


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