It was a summer afternoon. However, the weather felt warmer than ever. A little girl wouldn’t stop wondering if it was the aroma of her mom’s food, when it was actually the fragrance of her new book.

She was by no means omnipresent, but there she was, simultaneously existing in the world of dinosaurs, traveling across the realm of witches, cooking with the best chefs of the world, practicing magics, and dancing with her sworn enemy. To others, it was nothing more than ink etched on a few pages. But to her, these were fables that fascinated her to no end; stories that held more power than anyone could ever think of.

Vasunthra Vanchimuthu story on Ameya

In all the nineteen years that have passed since I was born, I have lived over a million lives in the worlds that exist only between the covers of the books I have read. If at all there’s anything that I’m eternally grateful for, it would definitely be the printed pages where I rediscover and redesign myself in hitherto unknown forms. This journey has been an emotional one from the outset. Sometimes it built me, while breaking me on other occasions. In fact, it were these very books that introduced me to the beauty of being broken. For all those who wish to fly high from the comfort of their bed or couch, a book is all they need.


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