Hi, friends! It’s Varsha Choudhary. Today, I would like to share my reading journey with you.

I wasn’t really a reader before I met my husband, who was actually quite fond of reading. His passion soon rubbed off on me. The day I realized how calm my husband felt when he sat and read a novel, I automatically felt inspired to follow in his footsteps. That was the first time I felt like reading a book of my own accord.

The first book I read was Amish’s Shiva Trilogy. I’ll be honest, it did feel boring at first. My concentration would hardly hold beyond a page. But it wasn’t long before I started getting used to it. With each page, I got hooked on the story. I was overcome by a curiosity to find out what was coming next. The suspense, the thrill I felt were something I hadn’t felt before.

I was so proud of myself when I was done with the Trilogy. And it wasn’t just a satisfaction of having read through the series, but also of having experienced something new. My concentration had already improved over the course of those three books. There was no looking back from there. Today, hardly a day passes by without me reading a book.

Reading has helped me at many levels. For starters, it has brought about an immense shift in my perspective on many things. It has also improved my vocabulary. However, the biggest influence books have had on is my personality. I genuinely feel that reading isn’t just about how well you read something, but also how well you apply those values to your life.


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