Hi, everyone! My name is Vaibhav Vitekar and this is the story of my affair with books. But before I get to that, I’d like to give a brief intro to myself. Well, I completed my grade twelve last year. Oh, and I’m quite fond of playing online games and watching movies.

Honestly, I wasn’t much of a reader. Even in my classes, I would regularly occupy one of the back benches. My friends and I would sleep through our lectures, earning regular visits to the principal’s office. Only after school life had ended did I become serious about my future. No, I still didn’t feel like reading, or studying. All I really wanted to do was to set up my own business.

I guess that was what prompted me to start looking for ideas to start my own enterprise. I looked it up online and checked with all my friends. The biggest takeaway from this endeavor was that I needed to start reading, and so I did. Given my aspirations, Rich Dad Poor Dad was a fairly straightforward choice for my first non-academic read.

In the beginning, I had a really hard time making sense of what I was reading. Gradually, however, everything began to fall in place. I had learned so much by the time I was done reading the book. It was as if I had acquired all of the writer’s knowledge. It kind of felt great, you know – I didn’t have to go through all those experiences when I could learn from someone else’s!

Today, having read countless books, I feel like a completely different person. In fact, I even read some books twice just to make sure I didn’t miss out on anything important.

I guess that’s all about my story. Thank you so much for taking the time to read it to the end!


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