When Vivekanand Modi wins the general elections, the world turns upside down for She Who Shall Not Be Named. Fearing the loss of her political power, carefully nurtured over the years, she leaves no stone unturned to undermine the new government. The ever-loyal ecosystem thrusts a reluctant Amulya, the young heir to her vast political empire, to take the plunge into the buzzing beehive. The only problem is that, despite all the support from dead leaders to speaking machines, Amulya has the unerring knack of running away to secret lands…

Meanwhile, the Jinn who was released from a magic lamp by Abdul Malik, decides to traverse the real, the social, and the magical worlds, twisting them all.

Genre: Humor / Satire

Price: β‚Ή150

Format: Paperback

Published in: December 2018

Number of Pages: 146

Language: (Indian) English

Bhavesh Kansara: Author of 'Twisted Threads'

Author: Bhavesh Kansara

Publisher: Notion Press

ISBN-13: 978-1684662050

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