This Mournable Body is a psychologically charged novel about a young girl and a fledgling nation. The novel transports readers to a place devoid of any hope or optimism. The author, Tsitsi Dangarembga, brings us face-to-face with Tambudzai, who is leading a melancholic life in a youth hostel in downtown Harare, the capital of the south African nation of Zimbabwe.

Tambudzai is apprehensive about her prospects after finally managing to leave a stagnant, low-paying job. Fresh humiliation awaits her at every turn of life as she tries to make the most of her potential and fulfill her dreams. Finally, the painful contrast and the seemingly endless gap between the future she wished for and the reality she experiences on a daily basis drive her to a point of no return. This Mournable Body is a novel that perfectly encapsulates a myriad of human emotions, of which helplessness and despair are the most palpable.

Genre: Contemporary Fiction

Price: β‚Ή750 β‚Ή586

Format: Hardcover

Published: September 2020

Number of Pages: 384

Language: English

Tsitsi Dangarembga, Zimbabwean author of This Mournable Body

Author: Tsitsi Dangarembga

Publisher: Faber and Faber

ISBN-13: 978-0571355518