The Wedding Setup is the story of Ayesha Shetty, who lost her brother seven years ago. And with him, she lost everything that mattered to her: her dreams, her free spirit, and the man she loved. In an attempt to keep her mother from getting any more hurt, Ayesha put her wild side away and became the responsible daughter her mother needed. She stoically accepted her brother’s role in their family business.

Fate, however, had other plans. Her best friend’s magnificent Indian wedding gave Ayesha a chance to get away from her endless duties at the restaurant. But just when she is beginning to rediscover her fun side, she runs into a setup arranged by her mother – with a doctor no less. The fact that he checks all her mother’s boxes just makes everything better… and worse.

And that’s when Emmitt Hughes shows up. He was her brother’s best friend and the guy she once loved. She had asked him to leave, and so he had. Probably the only person who knows the real Ayesha, she must now decide between a cherished past and her sense of obligation to her mother. Caught in a dilemma, will Ayesha find the strength to stop thinking about what everyone else wants and finally put herself first? Or is the old Ayesha truly gone for good?

Genre: Short Story

Price: β‚Ή69

Format: Kindle

Published: January 2022

Language: English

Sonali Dev, author of the contemporary romance novel The Wedding Setup

Author: Sonali Dev

Publisher: Amazon Original Stories