Neil Gaiman is a bestselling English author. Gaiman was born in Portchester in 1960. He writes short fiction, comic books, graphic novels, and nonfiction. He has also done screenwriting for movies and audio theaters.

His preferred genres include fantasy, dark fantasy, comedy, horror, and science fiction. Gaiman’s works are known for their high degree of allusiveness.

His notable works include The Sandman, Stardust, American Gods, Coraline, Good Omens, The Ocean at the End of the Lane, and The Graveyard Book. He has received numerous accolades and prizes for his works.


Roderic Burgess, the Magus of the occult cult, Order of Ancient Mysteries, entraps the King of Dreams. The King of Dreams, also known as the Sandman, remains a prisoner even after Burgess dies and his son takes over.

A fortunate turn of events leads to the Sandman’s release. However, a lot has changed while he was trapped all those years. His three tools – a pouch, a helm, and a ruby – have been taken away from him.

The chapters follow the Sandman’s journey as he retrieves his belongings and takes revenge on those who wronged him. He also reconnects with old acquaintances and makes new ones.


In The Sandman: Preludes & Nocturnes, Gaiman has created magic with his story-telling prowess. While the Sandman isn’t a new character, Neil has completely revived him, turning him into one of the most popular DC characters. The breathtaking illustrations have also brought each panel of the comic book to life.

The Sandman Preludes & Nocturnes excerpt

Each chapter has a unique plot and story line. The book is a perfect blend of mystery, passion, horror, and philosophy. Different characters from the larger DC universe make their appearances throughout the book.

Lord Morpheus, also known as the Sandman, undergoes a remarkable journey of self-discovery. Death makes a refreshing cameo to guide him toward his purpose.


Some of the illustrations are pretty scary. In several instances, the plot gets too dark and morbid for the faint-hearted. Reader’s discretion is advised.


Confined in a glass box for three score years and ten. A human lifetime. Time moves no faster for my kind than it does for humanity, and in prison, it crawled at a snail’s pace… I was… I am… the Lord of this realm of Dream and Nightmare.

I was more powerful than I had been in eons. I returned the human to the madhouse… You see, until then, I’d been driven. I’d had a true quest, a purpose beyond my function — and then, suddenly, the quest was over.


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Ameya would recommend The Sandman: Preludes & Nocturnes in a heartbeat. Whether you are a comic book buff or an ardent Neil Gaiman fan, you won’t be disappointed with this enthralling read.

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