“Dreams shape beautifully”, but little did I know that it could be this beautiful!

It’s not about right and wrong, not even about the dos and don’ts. It’s just about that one little thing that makes you feel gung-ho! Yes, that’s how I felt reading this book titled Potpourri by Speakout. It taught me how to remain persistent. Every chapter that I read made me believe in myself. It told me that in this whirling wild world, something that needs to remain constant is your patience. Shunning all the bad phases and allowing the best of all to come in life was the key.

The book, which is nothing more than a composition of exquisite writings, took me on an enthralling journey encompassing the varied emotions of life. This book is not just a series of pages; it’s the emotions printed on successive pieces of paper. It made me feel that books can be your best friends, for they never appreciate you when you are wrong. Of course, they also never abandon you even when the going gets tough. They never doubt your abilities and just tell you that you need to keep trying to get up, no matter how many times you have stumbled over an obstacle and fallen down. They teach us the importance of being kind rather than focusing on becoming perfect.

“When they tell you that you are not beautiful, help them!”

This book tells you how important it is to love people even when they hate you. It taught me that love has the power, the power that, I think, is stronger than any other emotion in this world.

Everyday, while traveling in the metro, I exchange smiles with those thousands of people whom I’d probably never see again. However, this book always gives me an air of insouciance. It marked my transformation from an insipid to an amicable being, and that was the best change I could have ever embraced. It was a compilation of beautiful poems, something that I really connect to. Those poems expressed every minute emotion of the poet meticulously. It seemed like every word had been interwoven beautifully like a pearl in a thread. Each and every sentence felt like the smooth flow of a gushing brook.

Whenever I think that my life has become Byzantine, this book offers a solution for it. No matter how my day goes, books in general and this book in particular have become a constant companion. It is obvious that reading good books soothes a person’s mind, and this obvious thing is even more obvious to me now. When in a doleful mood, they help you feel lively. They tell you that all great adventures in life start with small steps inspired by humble aspirations.

That was a short but touching story! What do you think about it? Do you have a story to tell? Well, we’re all ears.