The Olympics are arguably the greatest sporting contest on the planet. Very few sporting events can claim to be as global as the summer Olympiad.

Luciano Wernicke’s The Most Incredible Olympic Stories maps the breathtaking journey of this global event since time immemorial. Exploring both its humble beginnings and glory days, the book eulogizes the gallantry exhibited by players at every turn of its long path. The author has provided valuable insights into how dirty politics went hand in hand with fair play, how universal brotherhood was welcomed in the backdrop of a genocide, how strong, competent women were made to prove their ‘womanhood’, how a white man put his fame on the line to stand for a colored guy, and how the dark horse often flattered to deceive while the unpredictable one trumped the contest.

Covering every single edition of the Olympic Games from Athens 1896 to Rio 2016, The Most Incredible Olympic Stories is the most comprehensive guide to the games that have become a defining trait of the modern civilization. Every edition has a chapter dedicated to it, with never-read-before anecdotes, success stories and the socio-political events that changed the Games forever.

Genre: Sports / True Accounts

Price: β‚Ή595 β‚Ή390

Format: Hardcover

Published: July 2021

Number of Pages: 232

Language: English

Luciano Wernicke, well-known Argentine sports author

Author: Luciano Wernicke

Publisher: Niyogi Books

ISBN-13: 978-9391125141