After enduring a boring, year-long lockdown, Nooni is now on a visit to her Ajja-Ajji in Somanahalli, a village in Bengaluru. The memories of unearthing the famous stepwell and experiencing rural life for the first in The Magic of the Lost Temple are still afresh in young Nooni’s mind. Excited to finally step out of the confines of her home, Nooni has no idea that she is about to make another discovery, only this time it is a missing puzzle in her family’s already glorious history.

Written in India’s favorite storyteller’s inimitable style, The Magic of the Lost Story perfectly encapsulates the value of asking questions and keeping the answers alive. Packed with delightful artwork and breathtaking terrains, The Magic of the Lost Story takes children on an unforgettable journey along the magnificent Tungabhadra River.

Genre: Children’s Books

Price: β‚Ή250 β‚Ή214

Format: Paperback

Published: October 2022

Number of Pages: 208

Language: English

Sudha Murty, author of The Magic of the Lost Story

Author: Sudha Murty

Publisher: Puffin

ISBN-13: 978-0143458180