Roopa Pai is a well-known children’s author, who is also a computer engineer and journalist. Pai lives in Bangalore and has published over 20 books. She started her literary journey as an article writer for the Deccan Herald. Chanakya: the Master Statesman was her first book, which was published in 2004. Pai also authored India’s first-ever fantasy adventure series for children, Taranauts.

The Gita: For Children is a national bestseller. The book went on to win the Crossword Award for Children’s Writing.


The Bhagavad Gita is one of the oldest books in the world and is revered for its eternal knowledge. It is part of the epic Mahabharata. The Gita consists of 700 verses or shlokas that impart wisdom about the true meaning of life and how to lead a fulfilling life. The present generation is yet to benefit from this wealth because reading the Gita is often seen as a daunting task.

The Gita: For Children is a simple interpretation of the Bhagavad Gita with real-life examples and fun trivia. The day-to-day examples make it easy for the readers to grasp the gist of the shlokas.

The 264-page paperback is divided into eighteen chapters, each dealing with a small portion of the great dialog between Krishna and his beloved friend Arjuna.


Everything about the book is exceptional. The way the author explains the minute details of the Gita is especially noteworthy. The language is rather simple and straightforward, and the writing is fuss-free and to the point. Furthermore, all the shlokas are presented in both Hindi and English, with a brief explanation in English. This makes it simpler for the readers to make sense of the shlokas.

The lessons from the Bhagavad Gita at the end of every chapter highlight the important points addressed in the chapter. This is further elaborated with real examples. The author has also shared interesting snippets about ancient India and its glorious history. The illustrations by Sayan Mukherjee also make for an excellent reading experience.


The Gita: For Children is brilliant in every respect. That said, adding colorful illustrations might have made the book a bit more appealing to children. The quality of the cover and print could have also been better for a more complete experience.


To protect the good, to destroy the wicked and to establish righteousness, I will return, from age to age.

It is not your parents, or your work, that defines you. Your nature does.

Stay true to your nature and you will be happy.


Ameya Rating:

Well, let us make this clear: do not be misled by the title; the book is for everyone – young and adult readers alike. The clarity with which Roopa Pai has gone about explaining the verses of the Gita is commendable. Every explanation is engaging and thought-provoking. At the same time, the author has done well not to get too preachy or judgmental, or superimpose her own views on any of the shlokas.

If you are yet to read the Gita, it would be a great idea to start off with The Gita: For Children to get a basic understanding of the concepts of the Bhagavad Gita. Adult readers are highly recommended to read the book to their children to help inculcate a spiritual attitude in them.

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