Danielle Steel is an American novelist. Steel was born on August 14, 1947 in New York City. She started writing stories and poetry from a young age. Her first novel, Going Home, was published in 1972. She has published 179 books, which include over 146 novels. Steel is the fourth-bestselling fiction writer of all time and is particularly well-known for her works in the contemporary-romance genre. She has also written children’s fiction and poetry. Her novels have been translated into over forty-three languages. Twenty-two of her works have been adapted for television.


The Gift is a soul-stirring novel. The story revolves around two families – The Whittaker’s and the Robertson’s.

The Whittaker’s are a perfect family. Liz and Johnny are a happy couple and love their children Tommy and Annie. The youngest kid in the family, Annie, is the cynosure of their eyes. While Tommy is ten years elder to Annie, he loves her more than anyone else. However, an unexpected tragedy strikes the family on a dreary Christmas night, tearing them apart.

On the other hand, the Robertson household is very orthodox. Mr. Robertson is a strict father with extremely staunch views on life. He feels that boys are superior to girls and can do just about anything, while girls need to stay home and take care of the family. However, the teenage daughter of the Robertson’s, Maribeth, has higher goals in life. She wants to attain higher education and carve a niche for herself. Unfortunately for her, she is knocked up in her sixteenth year and eventually runs away from home.

Tommy and Maribeth meet at the restaurant where Tommy spends most of his time. When Tommy discovers that Maribeth is pregnant, he informs his parents, who have been looking for a baby to adopt. The Whittaker’s are more than happy and welcome Maribeth into their household. Seven months later, Maribeth delivers a baby girl and hands her over to Liz with a heavy heart before leaving to achieve her goals.


The drama is very lovable and endearing. Danielle Steel portrays the emotions of the two main characters, Liz and Maribeth, with utmost perfection. Liz is grieving the loss of her child while Maribeth is struggling with teenage pregnancy. The beauty with which she blends and contrasts the feelings of both these characters is breathtaking.


Given the premise of the novel, the plot could have better. The story becomes predictable after a point and it could have done with more twists. As a result, readers are left wanting for more toward the end.


Ameya Rating:

The Gift is a really adorable novel. Through her characters, Steel conveys a poignant message that everything in life is a gift that needs to be cherished. There is a reason behind every person that comes in and leaves our life.

The novel is especially worth reading for the heart-warming emotions that linger with the readers even after they are done reading it. If you are fond of romance sprinkled with a dash of drama, this is just the right book for you.

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