It was a cold and a moonless night

With a cloudless sky and no light

Anxiously, the girl kept looking back

And her feet began to run instead of walk


She had promised to be early and on time

But she had been captivated by the shining lights

Her golden hair flying away with the wind

She held her cloak in place with one little hand


Her mother would be angry, she knew for a fact

She had broken the rules and broken her pact

But the lights had called to her, tugging at her heart

She wanted to see them before they would drift apart


So the little girl made a deal with a thief

To take her to the lights, to be her guardian chief

He had obliged and taken her to see them

She had given them each a name


Happy and satisfied, she decided to trot back

But fate was cruel and gone was her sack

The thief held the crown of her head

And her mother would want her dead


Little feet splattering in the muddy water

She ran but then why should she bother?

She was betrayed by both her mother and the thief

The betrayal filled her little heart with grief

Two goons were after her life and she was afraid

But then she turned around and said


Hand me the crown and reap the rewards

They kidnapped her mother who was a coward

The mother apologized for all of her crimes

Said she was her daughter and her sunshine


The thief then emerged out of nowhere

And cut her hair, leaving her neck bare

The girl was truly free as her mother writhed

Best birthday present she had been gifted

…now that you’re here

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Anagha Aglawe, English poetry writer at Ameya

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