‘First, sit in a quiet place. Now, close your eyes and visualize your ideal life ten years from now. Don’t worry, this isn’t a wishful exercise to manifest your dreams. Instead, we’re taking the first practical step to articulate your deepest, most personal goals. The hard work required to achieve your goals will come next.’

In 2019, Karan Bajaj quit his job as Discovery India’s head to start WhiteHat Jr with the mission of making every kid a creator in this world. Back then, not many people approved of the then forty-year-old Karan’s decision to give up a high-paying corporate job for a tentative enterprise. However, eighteen months later, BYJU’s acquired WhiteHat Jr for a whopping $300 million! On the surface, it looked like one of the fastest startup-to-exit journeys in India, but the seeds of this seemingly overnight success were planted a decade ago when Karan first decided to create and live by his own rules.

In The Freedom Manifesto, Karan shares these secrets to help you make it big in life. From diet and routine to startups and investments, these seven unorthodox rules will set you free, not just financially, but also personally.

Genre: Business & Self-Help

Price: β‚Ή399 β‚Ή330

Format: Hardcover

Published: November 2022

Number of Pages: 254

Language: English

Karan Bajaj, author of The Freedom Manifesto

Author: Karan Bajaj

Publisher: HarperBusiness

ISBN-13: 978-9356292529