John Green is an American author and vlogger. He is reputed for his works in the young-adult fiction and romance genres. Green’s first novel Looking for Alaska was published in 2005. He won the prestigious Michael L. Printz Award for his debut novel. It also featured on the list of the top 10 books in the young-adult section of the American Library Association.

The Fault in Our Stars was his fourth solo novel, which won him several awards and a lot of critical acclaim. It was also adapted into a movie in 2014 and was quite well received by the audience. John Green was even included in the Time 100 list of the “100 most influential people in the world” in 2014. Apart from writing novels, Green is also a passionate YouTuber.


The Fault in our Stars is a contemporary love story. The plot revolves around the journey of Hazel and Augustus – their life, love, and agony. The story is narrated from the perspective of Hazel, a cancer survivor battling depression. She considers herself a grenade, which can blow up anytime, and aspires to cause minimum damage to the people around her.

Hazel meets Augustus at a cancer support group in her neighborhood. Both of them know that their lives are short and marred by pain and hopelessness. However, they decide to be together and enjoy the little time they can spend with each other. Accompanied by Hazel’s mom, they embark on a trip to Amsterdam to meet Hazel’s favorite author. What happens during the trip and how both of them deal with their bittersweet relationship is what this poignant novel is all about.


The Fault in Our Stars is an emotional story that tugs at your heartstrings and stays with you for a long, long time. John Green has used simple, everyday English, which makes this an easy read for teenagers and beginners.

The characters are very well-defined, each with their own backstory, characteristics, and quirks. The author’s immaculate description makes sure that readers can actually feel the emotions of each and every character. So impeccable is the characterization that not just the lead characters, but even those in supporting roles – such as Hazel’s mother, Dr. Maria, and Isaac – are beautifully woven into the story. They offer all the support Hazel and Augustus need to come to terms with their condition.

Another major takeaway from the book is how inconspicuously Green has included crucial life lessons in the story line. The breezy dialogs, which are both sharp and impactful, are the frosting on a very delicious cake.


Make no mistake, The Fault in Our Stars is one of the classics of the century. Probably the only downside is that the novel’s target readers – teenagers – may find the graphic description of the sufferings of cancer patients very disturbing. The recurring references to drinking, the use of cuss words, and repeated mentions of violence may also dissuade some parents from reading the book to their young ones.


Some infinities are bigger than other infinities…. I cannot tell you how grateful I am for our little infinity. You gave me forever within the numbered days, and I’m grateful.


Ameya Score:

A mature love story that takes you on an emotional roller-coaster ride, The Fault in Our Stars is every bit worthy of a four-star score. This page turner is a refreshingly different teenage love story that will leave even the most unfeeling readers with a tear or two. The book is particularly suitable for young adults and adults, especially if they are into romance novels. The profound quotes in the book are quite impressive as well and will definitely force the readers to reflect upon the vagaries of life.

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