Manav is an ordinary husband. His personality is just like coriander – tasteless, more or less useless, and needed only at the end. Piya, his melodramatic wife, excels in the art of making even the simplest things complicated, just like chili. Finally, it is Maa, Manav’s mother, whose very presence is like the mint factor in their lives.

While Manav is still trying to work out some of the biggest mysterious that have intrigued mankind – How can she?, Why can’t she?, and Why does she? – the chutney of his life gets even spicier with the arrival of the lime-n-lemony Leena, Manav’s sister, and the salty Mummy ji, Piya’s mother.

Would he be able to survive the madness when all the Marvel heroes of his family come together under one roof? Would he be able to strike the perfect balance between his wife and his mother? And most importantly, with everyone trying to take the credit for all the flavors, would they be able to make the perfect chutney? Grab your copy of The Chutney called Marriage to follow the journey of a typical Indian husband.

Disclaimer: This is not a cookbook, so it is appropriate for all acidity levels.

Genre: Comedy

Price: β‚Ή310

Format: Paperback

Published: May 2022

Number of Pages: 155

Language: English

Parminder Kaur Sharma, author of The Chutney called Marriage

Author: Parminder Kaur Sharma

Publisher: Self Published

ISBN-13: 978-1637544266