It is 326 BC and Alexander, the barbarian king of Macedonia, has descended upon Bharatvarsha with a multi-national horde of Yavanas, Pahlavas, Shakas and Bahlikas.

As the invader advances relentlessly and wins bloody battles in quick succession, as local rulers fall over each other to shake hands with the enemy and as the students of Takshashila University break into open revolt, one young man is faced with a terrifying choice, a choice that threatens to tear his carefully constructed world apart, for Aditya is the boy from Pataliputra, the boy who was once a reckless and carefree aristocrat, but who has now been forced to become a man with a purpose to fight for honor and love.

With a sweeping narrative and interesting everyday characters like the smelly old dhaba owner Tanku, Philotas, the unlucky Greek soldier, the no-nonsense medical student Radha, Pandi, the hard-drinking mercenary and the lovely Devika, The Boy from Pataliputra is the mesmerizing story of a young man’s growth to maturity, but also, equally, a story about the rise of a nation.

Genre: Historical Fiction

Price: β‚Ή199

Format: Paperback

Published in: March 2017

Number of Pages: 384

Language: (Indian) English

Rahul Mitra, author of the bestseller 'The Boy from Pataliputra'

Author: Rahul Mitra

Publisher: Fingerprint! Publishing

ISBN-13: 978-8175994379

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