There are some questions in this world that are simple and yet difficult to answer. For me, that question is how I fell in love with books. Perhaps this blessing was passed on to me by my parents, or probably my teachers, when I was not more than three. I started my early studies at a rather young age, and my innate ability to pick up things didn’t go unnoticed even by my school principal. However, that was not all.

After finishing my primary school studies, I wanted to know everything there is to know. There was a problem, though. I didn’t know how or where to start. The natural outcome of this cluelessness was that everyone around me became answering machines to my endless and insatiable curiosities.

Being the son of a reputed lawyer, I had always dreamed of emulating my father to become a man of knowledge like him. In the eighth standard, I decided to give Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes a try. Though I bought two volumes of the same, I wasn’t able to concentrate on it for more than fifteen minutes at a time. Given that I was unable to understand and appreciate its value at that time, I went for some books on topics such as science, which was the one theme that interested me the most.

In my tenth standard, I was the topper of my class. I think I was among the few who studied the least and scored the most, which was because I tried to understand everything beyond my school’s syllabus. That made school studies a whole lot easier.

In the same year I was awarded a book on the works of Jules Verne by my school principal, for having secured a good rank. Though I took it out so as to admire it once a month, I didn’t want to read it for about a year because it seemed too plain to me. Being the age that I was, I cannot be blamed for feeling kind of bored of a book devoid of any colors or illustrations. However, once in the twelfth standard, I decided to give it a try. Reading two chapters a day, I started to perceive art in a new way.

Now I try to read as many books as I can in order to become a man of literature, for I finally understand that reading can change a person’s life forever.


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