Ever since my childhood, I was curious about everything. I had little idea that this curiosity would only peg me back in the long run.

Ironically, I started reading e-books or hardcovers much before comics came into my life. Coming from an orthodox background, it was not easy for comics to find their way to me. And when they did, there was no looking back. In fact, I am an avid reader of Tinkle to date. However, I found my calling in sci-fi stories. Well, their impact on my life did not go unnoticed, anyway.

Now, I used to go to college by bus. The ride took almost an hour. On one such day, during my third year as an engineering student, I had a rather bizarre experience. You see, one of our bus’ stops was Ganesha Temple. As a student, I had this hobby of constantly checking the time. Now, while the bus generally arrived at Ganesha Temple at 8:50, that fateful day I saw the time turn from 8:47 to 8:48. Unable to believe my eyes, I would later tell this to my friends. However, much to my dismay, none of them was willing to believe me. In fact, they mocked me and blamed it on all the sci-fi stories I read.

Surekha Hegde story on Ameya

I was not unable to concentrate on my classes that day. My gut instinct kept telling me that this might happen again, so this time I decided to use my brain and used the online clock. As the bus stopped at Ganesha Temple on my way back, I took a screenshot on my phone. While the screenshot showed the time to be 4:10, by the time I got home, this had changed to 4:09.

Scared by then, I mentioned this to my family and friends. Unsurprisingly, no one believed me. They did not even find anything special in the snapshot I had taken. Upon digging deep on the Internet, I came to know that many other people had undergone similar incidents. They called it ‘glitch in the matrix’, according to which our universe is a simulation that has its fair share of glitches. Relieved to know that I was not mistaken, I thanked my reading habits for bailing me out of those circumstances.


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