Books give a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything.

I clearly remember the day when I first read a novel and fell in love with reading. Since then, my journey has been an ongoing one.

Books have been my escape from all problems in life. They constitute a world in their own and bring your greatest fantasies to life. Reading books is also a great source of knowledge. It familiarized me with different cultures from the comfort of my room.

Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory marked the beginning of this journey for me. I experienced an almost-immediate improvement in my vocabulary. In my case, books also allowed me to connect to their characters on a far deeper level than any graphic movie ever could. They also gave wings to my imagination. In my opinion, pictorial representations limit our imagination and thrust a specific perspective upon our minds. I honestly feel reading made me a more observant and open-minded person.

Apart from fiction, I also love reading biographies and autobiographies. They help me learn more about the struggles of the people we look up to. That said, fantasy and mythology remain my favorite genres. Like I said, they are a convenient way out for me from the trials and tribulations of everyday life. Last but not the least, reading has also helped me become a better writer by helping me organize my thoughts better.

Time and again, I suggest everyone around me to read. I firmly believe that parents should make it a point to inculcate healthy reading habits in their young ones from an early age. It not only helps with the development of their cognitive and creative abilities, but also enables them to channel their frustrations in the right way.


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