A cute little kid was restless

He ached to be on the playground

as he awaited the final bell to ring

O it was going to be vacation time

his heart would repeatedly sing


The teacher gave the class

an essay as homework

along with the promise of a prize

The kid packed away hurriedly

He knew what he would write


‘What superpower would you want?’

’twas a piece of cake

He would write ‘I wanna be superman’

and hurried home,

as fast as his feet would take


He ran and roamed

through the gardens

as Mom went to meetings

He played and wandered

as Dad was glued to his screen


With his mud-caked fingers

and dirt in his hair

he spent the days carefree and wild

breathing in the scent of summer

playing till the stars twinkled at night


One day his beloved grandma

gazed wistfully outside

As he continued to play

he hugged her tight and asked

are you okay?


She replied with a sad smile

it feels I have become a child again

only I don’t enjoy it like you do

I toiled like your parents

and didn’t see half of my wishes come true


That night the kid opened his notebook

and began to write his essay

I can be mighty or brave

or experience all the thrills

but I would want my superpower

to be happy at will

…now that you’re here

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Anagha Aglawe, English poetry writer at Ameya

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